Our Commitment to Excellence

To insure continuity and maintain our award winning standards of quality for all of our productions, we are committed to work with the creative alliances we formed during the production of our multi-award winning film, “ It’s Always The Story: Conversations With Alan Ladd, Jr.”.

These alliances consist of an extensive network of dedicated, committed professionals and organizations that share our filmmaking philosophy and commitment to preservation. The field of expertise the alliance encompasses includes all aspects of pre-production, research, data and archival cataloging, production, post-production, sound design, music and marketing.

The alliance includes The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick Library, editor Chris Roth, Russ Dewolf and Cabin 21 Sound Design, composer Chris Bragg, Anna M. Poore and Robert Faber at Filmlook Media and Post, marketing consultant CBI Enterprises, Ralph Smith and Edaptit Technologies, and Eddie Brant’s Saturday Matinee.